Thursday, July 7, 2016

A published article

Today I was a very proud learner......  Everyday our team at Silverdale Normal School encourage our students to embrace learning opportunities and to understand that the main purpose of school is not the acquisition of facts, but the ability to learn how to learn!

Since completing my dissertation which was a requirement of our MEd (Educational Leadership) I had been encouraged by Kerry Earl at the University of Waikato to take some of my learnings and consider how they could be applied to school settings in New Zealand.

Today I am the author of my first published article 'Digital Technologies- From Vision to Action'.  The timing of this article is very opportune considering that this week the Ministry of Education has stated that it is making the first formal change to it's curriculum of 2007 by adding a computing framework.

My article considers how the integration of digital technologies can be effectively managed in schools with learners very much at the centre of the process.  I look forward to sharing some of my findings via this blog in the next few weeks.

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