Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Learning by Design

Last week Cheryl Doig touched on an inspirational story from Ted Talks about the power of 'making for meaning'. Silverdale Normal School is embarking on an exciting journey in which we have the opportunity to consider what a 'fit for purpose' learning environment could be like for our learners. This clip considers the power of design and really highlighted the need for to 'go to the source' by collecting student voice and taking our community along with us.  A challenge is to make sure we design with our learners in mind when considering the classrooms.  This inspirational talk highlighted three dispositions that I believe are essential for effective teachers; passion, enthusiasm and initiative.

Finally the designer challenged me to consider how classrooms had the potential to 'tickle all the senses'... and as he said 'influenced the mood in the car on the way home'.

  Cheryl Doig shared with us differing levels of consultation:


We look forward to considering these points as we plan for the future.

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