Friday, August 28, 2015

Water Safety for our community

This week our school has been overwhelmed by the support we have received from some amazing organisations. Earlier in the the year it became clear that in order for our students to have a swim season in term four substantial work would need to be undertaken on our school pool. This came on the back of spending a considerable amount of money on repainting the pool earlier in the year. What should we do? Close the pool? The cost of upgrading the necessary infrastructure were well out of the schools reach.... But considering the drowning statistics in New Zealand (a group of islands surrounded by water) over the last decade was suitable motivation to seek help. 2015 Drowning statistics to date... As at 18 August 2015: 67 Under Fives: 2 5 - 13: 1 Males: 55 Rivers / Beaches / Tidal Waters: 45 This was where Water Safety New Zealand stepped in. With considerable support from Garnier and Waikato Filtration our school pool has been completely refurbished. This means that this year and for many to come our students and community are going to benefit from having swimming instruction. Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to sharing the transformation of our pool environment here and in Auckland and Wellington. This will be an excellent opportunity to thank these amazing organisations for their support.

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