Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our vision

During a recent staff meeting we were asked to reflect on what skills, attributes and knowledge we were expecting to see from student teachers in our school.  An activity like like this encouraged us to reflect on what we believe makes an effective teacher (or learner).

It was very encouraging to see the categories we considered essential to be reflective of the vision of our Silverdale Normal School Learner.  Therefore the skills and values that we coach with our learners are in fact the same attributes that we need to ensure we practice and reflect on.

This morning I was walking past our kitchen area where I was invited in by an enthusiastic parent and students!  What I saw was a real mash up of our vision in action.  Firstly we had a parent willing to give her time and expertise (making a positive difference to the school and community) and secondly we had students completely immersed in learning via a rich task (making pikelets!)

The level of involvement from the students was amazing and the ability to share what they had learned was really encouraging.  This is what our a positive school community is all about!

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