Tuesday, May 5, 2015


What do you remember about your schooling?  Let me guess!  Was it a school camp, a sporting event or a teacher that made a real connection and went 'beyond the call of duty'....?

Obviously a core role of Silverdale Normal School is to ensure that all students are making progress and are achieving in Mathematics, Reading and Writing.  As we consider revising our school's curriculum a key belief has emerged.

We want teachers to make a positive difference in, and out of the classroom with the aim of 'creating positive memories'.  We want our learners to discover their passions, talents, strengths and talents.  

It has been exciting to see teachers consider what additional pathways we can offer our students.  Our learners now have the opportunity to take part in kapa haka, choir, a coding group, chess club, recorder group, enviro group, SNS TV, as well as many existing opportunities.  There are many other ideas to pursue!  

We can't wait to share our students experiences in investigating pathways as the year progresses.  


  1. Yes. They are free to try many things and that is a good thing. I hope my daughter takes opportunities to grow her world and her confidence.

  2. Our children are amazing and love these opportunities to try new things. What that does is create amazing positive memories for our teachers too!