Saturday, April 25, 2015

Making a positive difference- a definition

Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on what it means to 'make a positive difference' at Silverdale Normal School.  My capacity partner from the Springboard Trust Jo Finer (from Fonterra) challenged me to consider what an effective strategic plan that could drive future actions at Silverdale would look like.  I have based my thinking on an idea she shared (see below):

Considering the first section was a really powerful process....  As a parent I certainly have my opinions on what I would like from my daughters school and as a principal, just starting a journey at a new school I certainly have some goals to aspire to.  I then considered the feedback I have received from staff around the discussions we have had about Dweck's consideration of mindsets.  Below is a first draft that I would love feedback on:

Obviously this is very much a work in progress, particularly in ensuring a real flow from the school's vision of it's learner to the charter.

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  1. Hi Stu
    I think that you have it right -> change in the school's strategic direction is built on trust is can only be built ver time. Staff want to know that
    a) The leader is going to be with them in the long haul, ie. the leader is not going to set them in a direction, and then leave.
    b) The strategic direction is worth investing in. Is is just a new 'fad' or is it something worth throwing their weight behind?
    c) What role can they play? Is the strategic direction already a "done and dusted" deal, or can staff play an active role in the process?
    d) And will my contributions be appreciated?

    It is interesting that the diagram indicates that the trust and assurance takes time, which is built through the development of the strategic direction. Some staff will hook onto this 'trust' earlier than others, but the success of any organisation is how much the key stakeholders can invest in the trust of the leader.

    And lastly - this trust takes time to develop. Looking forward to reading as you 'worm' your way through the challenges of setting the strategic direction and steering the ship as a newly appointed leader.